French and Indian War

FI WARIt’s October, and I FINALLY updated my wall map! Ideally, I would have put up the 13 English Colonies at the beginning of Chapter 3, but I just didn’t get to it. This particular update is pretty similar to last year’s colony map, but I added mountains. We are going to spend sometime discussing the French and Indian War, and I wanted it to be totally clear that the colonists were feeling quite hemmed in by the Appalachian Mountains and hence wanted to move further west. Too bad the French and the Native Americans were already there! I sense a conflict coming!!!!!! Looking at the map, I regret that I wasn’t more purposeful on my colors…. I just wanted the labels to be patriotic, so I wouldn’t have to change them for our American Revolution unit. The way they turned out, it looks like I was trying to define the three regions of the colonies and messed up! Whoops! Regardless, hopefully this visual will help students understand how geography affected this historical event.


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