Mexican American War Projects

Spring break is over, and I’m feeling the weight of how much there is to accomplish before June. (That’s right. I said, “June.” The revised calendar came out today, and I’ll be at this desk until June 4.) Sleepy –and intermittently tan–8th graders returned to my classroom today, and I wanted to engage them in active projects right away. desk

We finished talking about Texan Independence before break, so my class is ready to learn about the Mexican American War. In the past, I’ve used outside sources to create various projects about the Mexican American War. This year, I opted to use the material in my textbook and created seven projects that ask each group to become an aspect about some aspect of the conflict. After students have created their projects, they will share their learning with their “novice” classmates so that all students have access to all the material.

I don’t think the projects are amazing–always room for improvement–but I do like that…

  • Students are working in teams and must rely on each other for project completion.
  • Clearly stated essential questions drive students to fully understand the material.
  • Students can choose to use technology they prefer to create original projects.

I hope that I will see some great products!



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