Manifest Destiny Discussion

The idea of Manifest Destiny is pretty crucial in the formation and expansion of the United States in the mid-1800s. John O’Sullivan can receive the accolades for coining the term in 1845, but the Americans who made their way west turned the dream a reality. To help students understand this concept, I presented a series of five paintings depicting manifest destiny and westward expansion such as…300px-American_progress

I showcased each photo for about a minute, and asked students to jot down answers to the question…

MD questionI was impressed with the seriousness that students approached the art appreciation portion of the lesson. They wrote feverishly while analyzing each picture. After showing each picture, I numbered students off and sent them to the four corners of the room to discuss what they had written down. This was a quick and easy way to get them talking to new people. After discussing in small groups, I led a full class discussion about the big idea, “What is manifest destiny and how did it change America in the mid-1800s?”

I’m terrrrrrrrible at leading discussions. Terrible. It is a major teacher flaw for me. I thought this method was a true rendition of “think-pair-share,” and I was quite pleased with the responses I garnered from kids. Check out the compilation of student answers below:

Manifest Destiny Student Response

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