Regional Super Heroes

After Chapters 12 and 13, I feel pretty good that kids have an understanding of the characteristics of the North and South before the Civil War. Historically, I’ve had them make Venn diagrams or write short essays proving their knowledge. This year, I finally struck upon something FUN…regional super heroes!

Learning Target: I can represent the North and South before the Civil War using personification.

  1. Students will engage in carousel brainstorming regarding the topics…super hero
    • Economy of the North/South
    • Society of the North/South
    • Working conditions of the North/South
    • Changes in the North/South
    • Each of these will be posted on a separate sheet of paper (eight total), and the class will be divided into eight groups with eight different colors of markers. Students will have ninety seconds at each topic to think of everything they can.
  2. I will model for students how to connect their brainstorming to their super hero. We will discuss the term “personification,” and I will assign them THIS worksheet to design their super hero.
  3. Students will work independently on the written characteristics of their super hero as well as the visual representation. (I wish you could have heard the OOOs and AHHs when I showed them THIS website!)
  4. Students will work collaboratively to write an illustrated story pitting their two super heroes against each other which will showcase their understanding of why these two regions will come into conflict.
    • Students will use PowerPoint to tell their story. I will review the elements of a plot line as well as technology tips such as inserting images and backgrounds, textboxes, and autoshapes.

I am sooooooooo excited about this project I had to share the idea immediately. Check back for examples of student work!


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