Survivor :: Academic Review Game

I needed another game today, and luckily my creative juices were flowing because I couldn’t find anything online (I absolutely scour the internet to beg, borrow, and steal ideas!). I really like to keep my games original so that kids don’t get bored.Survivor

  • Divide students into desired number of teams (I did four today).
  • Provide each team with a personal white board and a marker.
  • Pose a question, allow the team to discuss the answer, have one representative write the answer down.
    • If a representative gets the question right, they earn their team one point.
    • If a representative gets the question wrong, they have to sit on the “Lost Island.”
  • Pass the board around the group so that each player takes a turn to answer.
  • The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

I got a classroom full of “thumbs up” for this game, and I thought my presentation (see HERE) was HILARIOUS!*

*Update: I played this game today and recognized just how great it can be. We’ve been taught that true collaboration forces the individual to contribute while still pulling upon the power of the group. Plus, we’ve been told that discussing material leads to greater student learning. All of these elements exist in this game. Next time, I think I’ll put a stack of personal white boards on the “lost island” and tell students they can get back in the game if they get a question right independently.


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